The importance of mathematics for success in poker

by beautifulladybug938

Poker, unlike other intellectual games, seems very simple to understand, especially for those who do not have much experience. Of course, it is much easier to win a poker novice compared to chess, because in chess, the influence of such factor as luck is minimized. With very big luck, even the most complete amateur who has just learned the rules of poker can even win a major tournament. But if you look at the whole picture, then in order to achieve real success in poker, to become a real professional, you need to spend a lot of time on mathematical calculations. Far from all the regulars are enthusiastic about the idea, for hours they calculate the profitability of certain actions, although this gives a powerful impetus to development as a player.
But there are also players who have a different point of view on this account, that is, those who seriously claim that they do not use math at all in their game, and at the same time have positive schedules. This “intuitive” approach to the game and the truth is the place to be among poker regulars. So maybe it’s true, why do you need to score your head with some formulas and calculations, when you can play yourself quietly “on the cheek”? Definitely, this kind of thinking will certainly be wrong in the future for a number of reasons:
First, players who do not use math in their game, but at the same time earn a stable income, are more likely to earn even more by using it.
Secondly, not at all the limits of the game will at least somehow a plus. At medium and high limits, you will often make mistakes, doing negative actions, well, and your opponents will gladly exploit them. Although at low limits there are some clever regulars that will collect value, using your faces in the game.
Third, even the most basic knowledge of poker mathematics will help you better understand the principles of the game, and develop the logic of decision-making.
Everyone who starts to apply mathematical calculations in the game, finds himself a few gross errors, the correction of which will save a lot of money over a long distance. To date, the surest way to find out how true this or that solution was is to check it with the help of calculations.